The Two Best Organic Dog Treats from Barking Good Bakery

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Many of us have puppies and dogs in our homes and most of the time we enjoy feeding them treats. Some of the best treats to feed your pups are from the Barking Good Bakery because they are made from organic and natural ingredients that really help keep your pup happy and health while keeping their little bellies full. I am going to tell you about two of Barking Good Bakery’s best dog treats to give your pups to snack on if they are hungry and I am even going to tell you where to purchase these yummy little treats for your pup and how much they cost.

Now the first and one of the best dog treats 2019 are the “Organic Dog Biscuits.” The Organic Dog Biscuits come in four different flavors such as Applenutty, Cinnamon, Minty, and Oatcheese. All these wonderful Organic Dog Biscuits are made from organic ingredients such as whole wheat, oats, milk, water, baking soda, olive oil, flaxseed, rosemary, cinnamon, apples, mint, cheese, and other wonderful organic ingredients to help keep your pup happy, healthy, and full. The Organic Dog Biscuits from Barking Good Bakery come in 5.8 ounce containers and filled up tight with wonderful dog biscuits. Each Organic Dog Biscuit container cost around fifteen dollars, but is well worth the money you spend on it because these biscuits are not only great for keeping your pup full, but also help your pup stay healthy and strong so he or she can have a long happy healthy life with you.

The second best dog treats from Barking Good Bakery are the ” Organic Dog Treat Bones.” They are made in the same four flavors as the other dog treats I mentioned above and made with the same organic ingredients. However, the Organic Dog Treat Bones come in the shape of a dog bone and come in a eight ounce bag that cost around nine dollars. The Organic Dog Treat Bones are a great treat to have on hand if your trying to train a puppy and need something small enough to fit in your pocket and give out to them when they are listening and doing as you ask to help them learn what you are trying to teach them.

Now if you are a bulk shopper and prefer to buy the Organic Dog Treats from Barking Good Bakery in a large case so you have these treats on hand all the time you can. The Organic Dog Treats either come in a case of four large tins for about sixty three dollars or in one case of eight large bags for around eighty dollars. You can also order whole sale buy calling Barking Good Bakery at 206-463-4170 and ordering an even large order of the Organic Dog Treats if you want as well or online at

You can also order your Barking Good Bakery Organic Dog Treats at another online website at, and they sometimes sell the Barking Good Bakery Organic Dog Treats for less. Barking Good Bakery Organic Dog treats are a healthy filling organic dog treat or snack for your pup. I hope this little bit of information helps you find the best organic dog treats for your pups.

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